As a first attempt at creating a cross-plattform application, Launchy for Linux has a lot going for it: it is small, fast and elegant, and has a nice selection of plugins and skins. But for the past couple of weeks, two major bugs have become really annoying: Launchy opens all application scripts in a text editor, which means that half of my applications fail to run, and for some reason several of my most important directories are never indexed.

There doesn’t seem to be a fix in the pipeline, and as a result I installed Gnome-Do instead. It seems just as snappy as Launchy, and although I haven’t been able to find a configuration menu the default installation runs all applications and opens most directories as it should. I qualify my statement, as there seems to be a problem with Gnome’s standard directories. Rather than opening /home/eirik/Documents, say, Gnome-Do opens /home/eirik instead. By default in version 0.4.* directories are opened with the “Reveal” option, and you have to tab to the Options window and type Open to get Gnome-do to truly open the directory. I upgraded to the latest version, and now directories are opened directly by default.