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Seven and Psion links

Psion PLC may have abandoned the hardware, but there are still a lot of active Psion users out there. Like this site, the majority of Psion pages may not be updated that often, but the one advantage of owning a old computer is that information does not become outdated!

The PDAStreet Series 7 user forum is the place to find answers to any questions you might have

EPOCFAQ is a great resource for all Psion/EPOC users, with a netBook/7 section

Eric Lindsay's EPOC site is huge, and of course he has a page dedicated to Seven as well.

Epoczone is a news and general tips/reviews/help site for Symbian OS-based PDAs and mobiles

Mike McConnell helps "those who may be having problems - particularly with online access, GSM, GPRS, modem problems and so on". Great site - his tips got me on the net with GPRS in no time.

The Psion 7 FAQ is the best resource for hardware issues such as battery life and ROM, but also has a lot more to offer. Take a look at the pages dealing with future EPOC devices, for instance. Cool stuff!

3Lib is a "Psion freeware and shareware library, with articles and information for all Psion and Symbian palmtops, smartphones and communicators".

Bioeddie maintains a decent Psion page. The guide to Spectrum software for the Psion emulator and the history of Psion hardware is very useful.

FoxPop still maintains an EPOC section.

The Open Directory has an excellent list of Psion links (as well as having the presence of mind to give this site a Cool Star award :-)

Pscience5 has many useful tips for Seven users.

Besides having an interesting name, the Psionology site (maintained by Andy Nott) contains a lot of useful information for Seven users.