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The netBook/7Book vs. the Seven

The Psion netBook (not to be confused with the current, Windows CE-based netBook Pro) looked like a Seven, ran the essentially the same operating system and came with the same applications pre-installed. But more memory, a faster processor, better drivers and a slighly different PC-Card configuration allowed NetBook users to choose between a range of network cards. It's even possible to get wifi up and running on a netBook, although this depends on the chipset used in the wifi card.

Like the Seven, the EPOC netBook has been out of production for some time. But since 2002, Seven users have had the option of buying a netBook "personality module". When this card is installed along with OS upgrade, the result is a netBook/Seven hybrid commonly referred to as a 7Book. You can still get one of the few remaining memory modules from Expansys, and if you find the price tag reasonable there's every chance you'll get a network card to work on your Seven (compatibility list here). You'll find more information in the PDAStreet 7Book forum.