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The Seven Retro Site

The Psion 7 - hereafter called the Seven - was a subnotebook made by the company behind the Series 3, 5, Revo and netBook PDAs. Based on solid-state technology, the Seven was instant-on, silent, lightweight and had a battery life of more than 8 hours. There are still a number of active users of these machines, but after Psion Inc pulled out of the mass-market hardware business, the number is decreasing every year. Therefore, this should be regarded as a retro-computing site. :-)

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The Psion Series 7

As the Series 7 has been discontinued for years and the Epoc scene in general seems pretty moribund, this site is no longer being updated. The hardware-related pages will remain virtually unchanged, though. I may be able to help out with questions, but before you mail me I suggest you try the excellent PDAStreet Series 7 user forum.

October 26, 2006: back to using the 7 after my Zaurus died - thanks to Vcal
February 20, 2005: updated the netBook/7Book page
February 19, 2005: updated the software page
February 18, 2005: updated the links page
February 17, 2005: the Seven site is active again
January, 2003: my Psion 7 is destroyed, all updates to this site terminated
July 11, 2002: updated synch bug solution (important!)

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