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The famous Cauliflower Cat

moar funny pictures The original series documenting Linus’ hitherto undocumented veganism is flickred, of course…

The Awful Truth: power history of a T61 with Ubuntu 8.04

The screendump above shows a pretty typical power history of my T61 for the two hours and fifteen minutes a full charge lasts. The variation is due to a mixture of writing, watching a an episode of a TV show… Continue Reading →

Dude, where's my battery life?

Seriously. I’ve been running Ubuntu 8.04 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T61 for some weeks now, and it really is the best release so far. But the battery life is making it harder to use Ubuntu without a power cable, which… Continue Reading →

Howto: Install TrackMania Nations Forever on Ubuntu 8.04

Via Lasse (in Norwegian) I discovered TrackMania Nations, a free arcade racing game for Windows. Partly as a challenge to him and myself, but mostly because it’s been a while since I took my PC for a spin, I decide… Continue Reading →

Question of the day: How do you turn this cat into a hunter?

Spring has arrived in Oslo, and with it a flood of fresh, juicy prey for Ada and Linus. After a wet and dreary winter, it’s lovely to see the cats enjoying the mild weather. Yesterday, Linus put all doubts about… Continue Reading →

Fuq tal-linja: CC strikes again

The last week or so I’ve been Flickr-mailing with Edward from Malta, who runs the blog Fuq tal-linja. He has used some of the Creative Commons-licenced pictures I took on our holiday to Malta last August to illustrate postings about… Continue Reading →

My Indian publisher's website…

…is now well and truly launched, and you’ll find it at Shabd books. This is also the first time I’ve seen the cover of the Hindi version of “Life in the Universe”. Hindi is the 19th language my books have… Continue Reading →

I Think It's Gonna Be A Long Long Time …

Or as Jon Stewart said the other week: a 73 year old white, conservative male – all the change America is ready for?

The face of health…

According to this study, having a cat (as we all know, we don’t own them) reduces your risk of a heart attack by almost a third: Cat owners “appeared to have a lower rate of dying from heart attacks” over… Continue Reading →

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