It’s always useful to get feedback on my lectures, but I especially appreciate this description of my visit to Vasant Valley School in New Dehli on February 4th. A student called Amira seems to like the fact that my presentation was unconventional for an author:

Yet, to my surprise, he interacted with us in a very unique way. He did not read to us, but explained to us what his book was about in a friendly and illustrative manner. I really appreciated the way he treated the situation as if he were in natural conversation with us and was always open to any criticism or questions we came up with. He had many interesting comments to make and told us extremely captivating facts.

My interactive QA-style of presentation is mostly used in classrooms, where the audience is smaller and more willing to respond. It worked very well in all three Indian schools I visited, and I was impressed by the academic level and breadth of knowledge demonstrated by the pupils. India is on the move, and from a Norwegian perspective schools like Vasant Valley, Alcon International and St. Mary’s Convent School is obviously part of the reason.