Årets julegave til en dåre må være denne boka. Så slipper de ti vise å svare på spørsmål som f.eks. en  hyperaktiv hamster kan generere nok strøm til huset ditt:

Let’s assume a hamster weighing 50 grams can run up a 30-degree slope at two metres per second. This corresponds to a power output of half a watt. If it delivers the same power when running on a hamster wheel, you would need 120 hamsters working flat out to keep a 60-watt bulb lit. But the average hamster probably doesn’t spend more than 5 per cent of its life running on its wheel, so already we would need a rotating brigade of 2,400 hamsters just to light our bulb.
It gets worse. The average UK household needs a constant power consumption of about 2.5 kilowatts, some 2,500 watts. Each house would need 100,000 hamsters to keep it powered. Multiply this by the number of households in the UK and we would have an environmental and economic disaster. Lucky we don’t rely on hamsters, then.

Definitivt. I tillegg til fór- og avfallsproblemene, ville man også måtte leve med all dansingen. 🙂